YouTube Premium - congrats on your new badge- what does it mean?

YouTube Premium - congrats on your new badge- what does it mean?

Recently, YouTube introduced a new feature for its premium subscribers - badges. When opening the YouTube Premium dashboard, users may come across a message that says "congrats on your new badge." But what exactly does this mean?

To begin with, in order to see these badges, you need to be a premium subscriber. This entails paying a monthly fee to access ad-free content and enjoy additional perks. However, it's worth noting that this feature is currently only available in select markets such as the United States, and it may not be rolled out everywhere, including Europe.

So, what do these badges actually represent? Let's take a look at some of the badges YouTube Premium users can now see:

  1. Team Premium
  2. Enthusiasm
  3. Million Club
  4. Spot Saver
  5. Continuity
  6. Champ
  7. Pickup Pro

These badges serve as a visual representation of your membership status on YouTube Premium. By visiting the premium benefits tab in your YouTube Premium account settings, you can get an idea of how these badges will appear.

It's important to note that these badges do not come with any additional discounts or perks. They're purely symbolic markers of your premium subscription status. So, while it may not offer any practical advantages at the moment, it's possible that YouTube will add more benefits to these badges in the future.

In conclusion, YouTube's introduction of badges for premium subscribers is an interesting addition to the platform. It allows users to showcase their commitment to YouTube Premium and distinguishes them from regular users. While currently limited in terms of practical benefits, it will be intriguing to see if YouTube expands on these badges and offers more perks to its loyal premium subscribers. So if you're a YouTube Premium user, give it a try and keep an eye out for any future developments!

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