YouTube Shorts Error - Couldn’t Export video

oh so sometimes when i'm just using my youtube video uh app just youtube app and i'm trying to upload shorts i have this error so i just want to share with you i did a screenshot so when i'm trying to upload a short video so less than seconds less than 60 seconds vertical video and then just tap and type in next in the top right it says couldn't export video uh in the youtube shorts so i don't know what what is this error and how to solve it um yeah but that's just what i see and then i just i just try again try again and then then it works then then it doesn't work again i see this error then i just reload the youtube app and then it works again i don't know maybe it's the issue with slow internet or some slow wi-fi connection or what i or thoughts are you experience the same error so i'm just sharing it here with you maybe maybe it can be helpful

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