YouTube Shorts - upload keeps loading on mobile app… Takes too long to upload Shorts on mobile

YouTube Shorts - upload keeps loading on mobile app… Takes too long to upload Shorts on mobile

Many content creators have recently been complaining about the slow upload speed for YouTube Shorts on the mobile app. These Shorts are brief vertical videos that last less than 60 seconds. Users have reported that the upload process seems to get stuck on a loading screen for extended periods, causing frustration and delays in getting their content uploaded.

Even though these Shorts are not particularly complex or graphics-heavy, they still take a significant amount of time to upload. In some cases, users have experienced multiple loading screens before the video finally finishes uploading, which can take up to 20 seconds. This issue appears to be independent of the user's network connection, as many have reported high-speed Wi-Fi connections without any improvement in upload times.

YouTube has recently made updates to its mobile app, with a particular focus on promoting Shorts and adding new features such as tech products, video remixing, and promotion labels. While these updates have been generally well-received, the slow upload speed for Shorts remains a drawback for creators who want to share their content quickly.

Some users have found a temporary solution by restarting the YouTube app, which seems to help in some cases. However, the lack of consistency in upload times and the need for workarounds highlight the need for YouTube to address and resolve this issue for a better user experience.

Interestingly, recent updates to the YouTube app have improved the upload speed for long videos, making the process feel significantly faster. In the past, creators had to wait for minutes or even hours for their videos to be processed. However, this improvement in upload speed for regular videos does not extend to Shorts, which continue to face slow upload times.

It is unclear when YouTube will address this issue and provide a more efficient upload process for Shorts. Content creators are eagerly awaiting a solution that will eliminate the constant loading screens and allow them to share their short videos with minimal waiting times. It remains to be seen if YouTube's commitment to promoting Shorts will result in faster upload speeds and an improved user experience.

In the meantime, users are advised to stay patient and experiment with different approaches, such as restarting the app, to see if it helps in speeding up the upload process for Shorts. As the development team at YouTube continues to work on enhancing the platform's features, it is hoped that a resolution to this problem will be found soon.

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