Yuboo app - how to use? Full overview

here is interesting app which is called ubu one new friend every day it only has 255 ratings at this moment but it's growing in popularity and as you can see it's climbing in the top charts in the social networking so what is that i never heard about this app before so ubu is the new and refreshing way to meet people just one tab to have a random live video talk with people from around the world like other social apps you will provide genuine random one on one live conversation it's not about swiping being popular or how many followers you have you can just be your awesome self and explore the world one your friend at the time so yeah advantages of ubu less size faster to install and save space on your phone faster and safe there are some subscriptions here are some previews yeah like i need to say that there are so many apps in this category every week there is probably a new app which has this random live video chats so to create an account uh you just follow these steps you can allow this app to track or not to track and then then you can just select all this data to take a look then you can select photo or not then you can give access to a camera microphone uh and then basically you just keep uh or start with your chats and then you just keep tapping on that button to get uh to get more chats then you have this discover tab where you can see a lot of profiles and then you have a chat here where you can see all the messages so here you can see all the settings you can uh yeah as you can see yeah this app i don't think is of the highest quality apps so it's just that uh so that's how it works as i said there are so many apps in this category like every week there is a new like random video chat app and you just need to be careful if you really want to use it or not you just need to discover like what of the pros and cons are like so much spam and i guess there is also a lot of ai generated content a lot of bots because this app try to mimic that you have a lot of engagement and that you you know that you're receiving a lot of calls and replies and all of that um so that's about it yeah uh then you also have some coins here you could get coins i guess to get more calls there is also vip subscription where you can get vip badge 4.99 per week 14.99 per month 10 per month if you subscribe for three months you can upgrade to that you can contact support also i guess here you can see the app i'm just also interested in case you i have some issues with the app how do i delete my account so probably i just need to type contact us and then they will open their uh in the in whatsapp and then you will be able to reach out to them and ask to delete your account uh so or that's basically you can that's how you change your profile pictures here so that's the app but as you can see there are a lot of this like random calls so i don't know if this app honestly has the highest quality and if these people are real and all of that but you definitely can try uh there are so many apps in this category like a mega lab monkey app or like you know all of that give it a try maybe try it out for free if you like it keep using if if you don't like it just delete it yeah don't don't upload that many your private like your photographs and a lot of your data just try to use this kind of app first discover if it's for you if it's not then just delete it hope this quick preview was helpful and it will help you out to determine if you like this app or not

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