ZEDGE APP - how to create account?

here is edge app and if you want to have some more personalization and save some of the actions you did you can just go and create account so just tap on settings in bottom right tap on z account and then you can just sign in with apple google facebook or email so you can just sign in for the full experience so you can just continue with touch id and then from here you can just try to sign in and then you just need to create your username and then just add your date of birth here so for example something like that and then uh yeah you can just agree to privacy policy and stuff and there you have it now you have your account um and that's that's it now you can also follow each other on the on this app because it's more like a social uh media experience so for example here you can see all of these cool wallpapers [Music] which you can get and then i can get that credits so you can see all the prices here so you can get like 33 000 250 credits for 49.99 you can download you can share and then you can see all the different creators here so you can follow to to the person on this app and then now you can just follow so yep it's kind of like a social media for wallpapers and for your iphone customization so that's actually pretty cool and if you just sign up i think you have like 10 credits so yep uh that's about it hope it was helpful

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