ZeeMee college app overview

everyone so let's just go through this app which is called zme um so it's it's the social effort college so let's just install it so it's in the top charts in social networking category so i can just use touch 80 to install and then yeah the size is 59 megabytes so here you can just meet other applicants hear about college from current students grade and browse super fun student profiles find a roommate see how you live with other admits um [Music] figure who is in your classes join social zimas and then there are a lot of like school partners so it's yeah so that's the app it's a must-have app for students looking at college as a plan and in college already best app for college so there are a lot of good reviews actually here so six thousand plus writings four points are the five average review um [Music] so that's the app so let's just try to open it up and let's try to create an account so you just have an idea how this app might work so let's just let's get started [Music] and let's just go through here i said yeah i just need to wait if there is some code coming until i'm waiting so yeah here is the app it's great for meeting people i love attending trivia nights and getting my questions answered and most of the friends i have i met through this app it's cool you makes you less anxious because you feel you're not alone so that's the app okay anyway so probably i will just um create another video about just overview of the inside of the app

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