Zenly app - how to get started?

so to install zenli app on iphone you just need to tap get and there you have it the app will start the installation um yeah you need to confirm the touch id of face id and this is the app which getting more and more popular it's climbing in top charts in the social networking category in the us app store has over 35 000 ratings 4.8 out of 5 average rating so that's pretty cool so this is the app that maps your world so it's kind of like social media app connected to maps build your very own app map of the world with the people and places that make it uniquely yours join the tens of millions of people are already using dan lee to know for what your friends are up to see your world create cows in your converse at your places share your world find anything get directions uh then you like a pro so uh there you have it so that's basically that so let's just wait for a while when this app is installed and there you have it so app is finally installed and now you can start creating an account so that's basically

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