let's go through this interesting app called suny share both sides of your story this app just has 31 ratings but it's growing higher in the app charts in different countries and they just introduced a new feature which i think makes it go higher in charts and becoming more popular is that you have this split screen where you can use your front and back camera so here you can see you can capture videos is both front and back camera facing facing cameras at the same time something new and different it can post directly to your other social media accounts too so that's kind of feature for which be real became famous for where you post picture this front and back camera you can post videos you can post photos for example you want to create some account like you eating watermelon and you're creating video about it so with normal like tick tock video you're just showing either your watermelon or your face here you can just show like two sides of the story like your face and then how you're like eating watermelon itself for example or just how you enjoying some coffee in cafe so you can share coffee and then you can show yourself so it's kind of it adds some interesting experience towards it and definitely worth checking out this app if you're into social media if you're in instagram i think that's the future of these experiences it's freezing out here you can see how it looks like so there is like people are trying to so you see here like a face and then hey guys i'm gonna eat this whole entire watermelon and see how long it takes me okay sharing my experiences besides when most my days so that's how it works you can then just discover different accounts different hashtags how it is working you can find all activity here you can find messages you can tap on and then create like a split screen mini screen full screen so that's basically how the app works for some for some reason it says multicam not supported i don't know why maybe it's just because my iphone model is like iphone 7 or something like that but it should work so you have different views like you have split screen you have mini screen you have full screen so you can also post without this front and back camera then you have messages and then you have your profile you will see all your posts here you can edit your profile you can add name username you can enter your bio you can add your url you can change your profile photo here and then there are all these different settings if you don't want to be like super public you can always just enable private account here you can block users just like all the standard features enable 2fa for higher security also if you're not secure about your privacy or data here you can just tap and delete account from here you can sync your contacts invite friends download data request verification so if you want to get verified that's what you can do you can always ask questions and reach out to their support hello at zuni.app so that's what you can do yeah so that's the idea of the app then you can just search here for all the hashtags just discover all the accounts you can have tabs where you following accounts or when you want to discover them and that's basically the idea um what else yeah so i think just because of that feature they just added where you can post his front and back cameras this app is actually in the top charts in some european countries in some other countries it's not yet in top charts in us because be real is just dominating everything there but yeah it's an interesting idea so uh definitely one of the real alternatives if you don't like the original burial app so give it a try this app is probably going to add much more features and there will be much more users so give it a try and check it out

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