05.03 Facebook and Instagram NOT LOADING - global outage

Facebook and Instagram users around the world have been experiencing a frustrating issue today - the popular social media platforms, along with the Messenger app, are not loading or working properly. Many users have reported being logged out of their accounts and encountering error messages such as "session expired." It's important to note that this is not due to hacking or individual internet connection problems; rather, it appears to be a global outage affecting these services.

Amidst the outage, users have turned to platforms like Down Detector to track and confirm the widespread issue with Facebook. The outage seems to be slowly subsiding as the number of reported incidents decreases, indicating a possible stabilization in progress. However, it remains uncertain when the problem will be completely resolved, leaving users unable to access these social media platforms for the time being.

If you are experiencing this outage, there are some steps you can try to potentially mitigate the issue. One suggestion is to close and restart the affected apps, such as Instagram, or clear the cache to see if that helps. Additionally, you can attempt to power off and then on your device before trying to access the apps again. These troubleshooting steps may offer a temporary workaround while the services are being restored.

In conclusion, it's essential to remember that this outage is beyond individual control and not a result of specific device or network problems. Users are advised to monitor the news for updates on the situation as the platforms work towards resolving the global issue.

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