05.03 Facebook logged out - can’t login back again…

Facebook users across the globe have been facing login issues as they find themselves unexpectedly logged out of their accounts. The problem seems to extend to Instagram as well, with both platforms facing downtime. Users who are unable to log back in are left feeling frustrated and inconvenienced. Upon encountering such a situation, there are a few steps one can take to rectify the issue swiftly.

In a recent video transcript addressing the problem, the following troubleshooting steps were recommended:

  1. Check Down Detector: Visit Down Detector to verify if there are widespread issues with Facebook or Instagram.
  2. Refresh Cache: Swipe up the respective app to refresh the cache, which might help resolve the login problem.
  3. Reinstall the App: If the issue persists, consider uninstalling and reinstalling the Facebook or Instagram app.
  4. Restart Your Device: Turning off your device and then powering it back on can sometimes clear up technical glitches.

The presenter in the video assures that such disruptions in service are usually resolved swiftly by the tech teams at Facebook and Instagram. Typically, major apps like these are back up and running within an hour or even less, minimizing the impact on users.

Remember, if you find yourself locked out of your Facebook or Instagram accounts, don't panic. Follow these simple steps to attempt to log back in, and in most cases, you'll be back online in no time.

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