05.03 “Session expired. Please log in again” - Facebook, Instagram are down right now

Facebook and Instagram users are experiencing a troubling message right now: "Session expired. Please log in again." This widespread issue seems to be affecting users globally, leading to confusion and frustration among the social media platforms' user base.

As the outage persists, speculation runs rampant as to the cause of this unexpected disruption. With no official statement from Facebook or Instagram regarding the issue, users are left in the dark about the root of the problem. The sudden logouts are prompting individuals to repeatedly attempt to log back into their accounts, only to encounter the same "Session expired" message.

Reports from Down Detector indicate that while the platforms may be slowly returning to normalcy, the underlying issue remains unresolved. Users are advised to exercise patience and refrain from attempting to log in repeatedly in quick succession. It is recommended to wait for at least an hour before trying to refresh the app, restart the device, and then attempt to log back into the account.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding this outage, there is no indication at this time that it is a result of a security breach or hack. Facebook and Instagram users are advised to remain calm and patient as the tech giants work to resolve the ongoing disruption to their services.

This sudden and widespread outage serves as a stark reminder of the reliance society has on these social media platforms for communication, networking, and entertainment. As further details emerge, users are encouraged to stay informed and exercise caution when attempting to resolve the "Session expired" message on Facebook and Instagram.

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