05.03 “Unexpected error” in Messenger & Facebook - what’s going on with Facebook?

Users of Facebook and Messenger have recently reported encountering an "unexpected error" when trying to access the platforms. Many have found themselves logged out or facing session expiration issues, prompting a message asking them to log in again to continue. The problem seems to be widespread, as Instagram—an app owned by Facebook—has also been affected by the outage.

According to a video transcript addressing the issue, the disruptions appear to be a result of Facebook experiencing technical difficulties. The outage seems to be global, with reports coming in from various regions through platforms like the Down Detector app. While this may be frustrating for users, the incident does not appear to be indicative of a security breach or a compromised account. It is simply a matter of the platforms being temporarily inaccessible.

Major outages like this are not uncommon for large-scale platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Typically, these companies are quick to address and resolve the issue, with services being restored within a few hours. As a user, there are some steps you can take to mitigate the problem in the meantime:

  • Restart the app: Simply close the Facebook or Messenger app and reopen it.
  • Clear the app cache: On most devices, you can clear the cache by swiping up on the app and reopening it.
  • Restart your device: Turning your phone off and on again may help resolve the issue.
  • Wait it out: If all else fails, waiting a few hours before trying to log in again might be the best course of action.

While experiencing technical glitches can be frustrating, it is important to remember that these issues are usually temporary. By following the suggested steps and being patient, users can expect the services to be fully operational again shortly.

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