#23 Podcast - Zepeto app - early signs of Metaverse?

What is a ZEPETO app? Is it the start of Metaverse?

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‎CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN AVATAR Personalize your avatar with millions of items. From trending clothing, hairstyles, and makeup to branded collabs from companies like Disney and Nike, express yourself in any way you can imagine. PLAY TOGETHER IN ZEPETO WORLDS Explore a limitless variety of maps, from…


Hey, everyone. So let's talk about the superviral app, which is called Zipato and yeah, basically the motor here is another me in another other universe. So this app is about avatars. So I recently did a podcast about another similar app, which is called Replica. And basically that's the similar idea.

Not the idea, but might be similar where replica is just kind of AI chatbot, which you can communicate and just press romantic relationships and romantic chat here. It's just another niche of that, like Avatar wave. So you can just create your own avatar. And it's kind of like a social media. But with avatars.

So you can customize your own avatar personalized avatar with millions of items from trending closing hairstyles to branded collapse.

So there are some collabs with Disney Night and you can wear their clothes and all of that. Then you can just play together there's, like ritual classrooms, hang out, invite friends, stay in touch with friends, and the chat share stories, create your own items and worlds. You can even design your own unique apparel and maps. The battery gives you all the tools you need, the only limits or imagination and all of that. So for example, for the Halloween, they just introduce some Halloween wives and some fun events.

So basically this is just like a virtual world. Kind of maybe it's related to what Mark Zuckerberg said about, like, matters. So yeah, just like it might be the start of it where people just live in this virtual reality. But here it just starts with avatars. So I think that has, like, a really nice use case, because a lot of teams or even me or other people can feel a bit unsecure on normal social network.

Facebook right now, Facebook has really actually downgrading reputation with all the handling of Privacy. And you just can be unsecured first, like to put your real image and to put your real, like birthday date like real friend and put it to the old world like everyone can see it. Of course, you can just change the Privacy settings, but then your friends can see it. But still Facebook will use it in algorithms to target visual ads. And you just don't want to participate in that.

But how do you still get the social element? You still want to interact with other people. But maybe you just don't want to show your real photos and all of that. So yeah, now you can just create, like, this 3D avatar, customize it, create own closing and all of that. And then basically you can interact with other people and just participate in these communities.

And there is no, it's like struggling with how I look. Do I look okay. Do I look great compared to my friends? Like, where do I hang out? Are my photos good?

Like all of that? You just remove that and you just have a nice time on the app. So I think this use case has a lot of future and that's why the apps like Zepato it's me replica just growing in charts social media categories. Usually they're constantly in the top chart in the US App Store categories, so that's that's the app. I also created some video overviews on my YouTube channel how to actually use the app.

So go check it out and also let's just check it out. On the crunch base.

I see organizations the pattern. It's coming from South Korea. The website is Nepata me. There is no data on investment or technology like website has 300,370K monthly visits, signals and news.

But now you can see in the news that Ralph Lauren is now selling digital apparel for avatars. Inside of Nepato, Ralph Lauren makes MetaWars play with the Pato partnership and MetaWars Giants Roblox and our compete to attract Korea's Gen Z. Mutual characters are hitting Spotify charts will AI powered groups like or Kpop up.

Virtual reality investments are long term play for businesses target and Gen Z. So I think definitely this is kind of like Mata Wars play here and these are very early beginnings. And you can understand when Mark Zuckerberg told this stuff about matters that this is like it all will end up in the kind of matters situation.

We can see the early signs here with the apps like it means the pattern and other avatar based worlds. Also, there is like another avatar app which is called Reality.

So yeah, definitely go check it out. This appetite. Try to play with it. This is how the younger generation spends their time and thinking some period like the notion that you need to put your real image in the social app to interact with people will be like so old and so in the past. So definitely interesting apps like this nepato and yeah.

So that was just like my overview. Definitely. Go try out this app in this podcast. I tried to bring your attention to some cool apps which you should try out which are climbing in the app charts and all of that. So thanks for listening in subscribe to my YouTube.

Let's catch up in the next episodes.

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