2FA via SMS not working anymore on Twitter - possible ways to fix

so after recent changes Sim there are some issues with Twitter app especially 2fa two-factor authentication via SMS is not working for some users so one of these tweets is let's just say that maybe your phone operator is not supported by Twitter because there are a lot of like code changes all of that recently on Twitter probably as you know and yeah there are some issues that uh it's just not working yet so for example if you live in UK and you have phone number from Vodafone maybe you have a phone number from also from some other provider and then just try that or leave in any other country of course there is like uh like probably a few providers in your country so just try that just try different provider because probably as I've written here uh Twitter is using something like Twitter or some third-party service for all this SMS verification and because of fluorescent changes probably they just [Music] it's it's not there so try it out

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