3Fun app - how to add a partner

The 3Fun app offers a convenient way to add a partner to your profile and link both accounts to appear as a couple. This feature allows you and your partner to maintain independent accounts while enabling your matches to chat with both of you through Grom chat. If you are wondering how to seamlessly navigate through these steps, here is a breakdown:

Invite Your Partner:

  • Link your profile with your partner's to showcase yourselves as a couple.

Manage Account Independently:

  • Ensure your accounts remain separate while enjoying joint activities on the app.

Simplify Communication:

  • Utilize the Grom chat feature to facilitate conversations with your matches.

Add Contacts:

  • Import your contacts or manually add them to enhance your social circle on the app. Exercise care when adding contacts to maintain privacy.

Verify Yourself:

  • Complete the verification process to establish your identity on the platform.

Allow Location Access:

  • Grant the app permission to access your location for tailored recommendations and an enhanced experience.

Explore Prospects:

  • Discover potential matches and interact with them through the chat feature.

Upgrade Account:

  • Consider upgrading your account to unlock additional features and enjoy a premium experience.

The app offers various upgrade options, such as a 6-month subscription for $60. By following these steps and making the most of the app's features, you can enhance your user experience and connect with potential matches effectively.

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