5.03 Facebook “session expired” - is fb down?

Facebook users experienced a sudden "session expired" error, prompting concerns about a potential outage. Many individuals took to Twitter to report the issue, indicating that Facebook was inaccessible, with users unable to log in. The problem seemed to extend to Instagram as well, with users facing unexpected logouts and difficulty logging back in.

To verify the status of these platforms during the outage, users could visit websites like Down Detector, which offers real-time insights into service disruptions. Reports on Down Detector confirmed that both Facebook and Instagram were indeed experiencing issues. However, as time progressed, the situation appeared to be improving, with services gradually returning to normal. The initial disruptions caused confusion and frustration among users, with many speculating about the root cause of the problem.

While the exact trigger behind the outage remained unclear, the incident served as a reminder of the potential vulnerabilities of online platforms. Technical glitches can arise unexpectedly, disrupting the normal functioning of widely-used services like Facebook and Instagram. As users awaited further updates and explanations from the affected companies, the incident highlighted the importance of maintaining robust infrastructure to prevent such widespread disruptions in the future. Ultimately, the incident seemed to be a temporary setback, with services gradually stabilizing and returning to normal operation.

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