ABPV - make money - is it possible & legit?

Here is an app called ABPV America's Best Picks and Bids, and it's been making waves in the top charts recently, including going viral on TikTok. The big question is why is it gaining so much attention? Well, it seems that people believe you can actually make money on this app. To be completely honest, I think what's happening is that the developers are trying to push the app to the top charts.

ABPV is a completely legitimate app that is already listed among the top 100 apps. The concept behind the app is similar to TikTok but focused on meme posting. Users can browse through a variety of videos, memes, and pictures. From what I've seen in their Facebook videos, if you manage to build a strong following on this app and appear in the weekly top users, you can participate in giveaways where you have a chance to win Airpods or perhaps even an iPhone, although that's not confirmed.

Essentially, the idea is that you can earn money through these giveaways if your account is popular and receiving a lot of smiles, likes, and followers. By being featured, you have the opportunity to attract even more followers and increase your chances of winning.

As of now, it doesn't seem like ABPV offers the same monetization options as YouTube or platforms like OnlyFans with donations or paid subscriptions. However, based on my research on their Facebook page, they promote the idea that if you're featured and have a substantial number of likes and followers, you might have the opportunity to participate in giveaways and win small prizes. It's possible that being located in the US may be a requirement, but the details are not clear.

It's important to note that I haven't seen any concrete evidence of people winning prizes or any testimonials from winners. It's possible that the viral nature of this app is just a marketing technique to boost its popularity. However, there is always the chance that ABPV could take off, and if you already have a significant following on the app, you might be able to monetize it by collaborating with brands.

For example, there are already top users on ABPV who have amassed 20,000 followers and garner 50,000 likes per week. This presents a potential opportunity for monetization, as these users could approach brands to promote their products or services through their content within the app.

For now, the primary method of earning money on ABPV seems to be participating in giveaways. Unfortunately, I don't have all the details on how often these giveaways occur or if the app's team reaches out to participants. It's essential to consider all the factors before making any assumptions about the monetization potential of this app.

In conclusion, while the idea of making money through ABPV may seem promising, it's vital to approach it with caution. Take note of the app's current focus on giveaways and the possibility of future monetization opportunities through brand partnerships. As with any app, it's best to fully understand the terms and conditions, as well as any potential risks or limitations, before investing time or effort into it.

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