adb logcat GlanceAppWidget error on Android - here is how to fix

If you own an Android device and have been experiencing the "adb logcat GlanceAppWidget error," you're not alone. This frustrating bug has been plaguing many users recently. While it's not a permanent solution, here are some temporary fixes that might help alleviate the issue until it's resolved in a future app update.

One user found that simply removing the widget and adding a new at-a-glance widget was effective in resolving the error. This approach seems to work reliably, although it does require repeating the process every 24 hours. While it may be a bit annoying to replace the widget daily, at least it offers a temporary fix until a permanent solution is implemented.

Another potential workaround involves deleting the widget, clearing the cache of the Google app, and then adding a new instance of the at-a-glance widget. Like the previous method, this is also a temporary fix, as the error tends to resurface after 24 hours. However, it does reduce the annoyance factor and only requires a minimal time investment of about 20 seconds.

While these temporary fixes may not be ideal, they can provide some relief from the adb logcat GlanceAppWidget error. Hopefully, Google will release a comprehensive update soon that completely resolves this issue. In the meantime, implementing these temporary fixes can help minimize its impact on your daily smartphone usage.

If you're currently experiencing this error, give these temporary solutions a try and let us know if they work for you. Stay updated for any future Google updates that may address this problem more thoroughly. Until then, stay patient and make the most of these temporary fixes to ensure a smoother Android experience.

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