Adoraboo app - how to use

Introducing the Adoraboo app - a digital pet companion that allows users to nurture and grow virtual pets together, reminiscent of the popular trend of virtual pet-raising widgets. Developed by Vitabie, known for their innovative widget-based apps, Adoraboo takes the concept a step further by enabling users to create and raise a virtual pet with their friends in a standalone app.

Some key features of the Adoraboo app include:

  • Creating a virtual pet (Boo) and growing it with friends
  • Enjoying playdates and taking care of the Boos
  • Dressing up the Boos in different outfits

To get started with the app, users can follow these steps:

  1. Customize their Boo by giving it a name and selecting skin color.
  2. Nourish, nurture, and dress up the Boo to keep it happy and healthy.
  3. Connect with friends by becoming neighbors and sharing the app link.
  4. Install the Boo widget on their home screen for easy access.

In addition to these features, users can personalize their profiles, add friends, and manage settings within the app. The Adoraboo app offers a fun and interactive virtual pet-raising experience for users to enjoy and share with their friends.

Give Adoraboo a try today and embark on a digital pet-raising adventure like never before!

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