ADP Mobile Solutions app - can’t login - what to do

The ADP Mobile Solutions app has been facing login issues, frustrating many users. Complaints have surfaced regarding the app being unresponsive, frozen, or outright failing to open. This problem seems to have been exacerbated during the recent AT&T outage. Reports suggest that even after the outage has passed, users are still encountering difficulties logging in.

  1. Seek Alternatives: If possible, explore alternative apps that can fulfill your workplace needs. Negotiating with your employer for an alternative solution might also be worth considering. The app's history of bugs makes it an unreliable option for many users at present.
  2. Common Login Bugs: One of the most prevalent issues reported by users is the inability to sign in. The app can also freeze or crash, preventing users from accessing their accounts. Complaints have accumulated regarding users seeking help but encountering roadblocks or facing delays in resolving the issue.
  3. Consider Downgrading: Some users have noted that reverting to a previous version of the app may resolve the login bug. However, downgrading can be challenging, especially given the App Store's limitations. The current version, post the 23rd of February update, seems particularly buggy, with numerous users experiencing login screen freezes.

For further assistance, users are encouraged to visit and navigate to the app support page. From there, users can access support resources such as contacting ADP's customer service via call or chat. Note that while the chat option may not be readily clickable for everyone, reaching out to the support team directly could potentially offer solutions to the login issue plaguing the app's users.

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