Advanced features on YouTube with video verification - how much time does it take?

Advanced features on YouTube with video verification - how much time does it take?

So advanced features on YouTube, how much time does it take to do video verification? In my experience, video verification took around eight hours. The advanced features on YouTube allow you to post more videos, create posts, upload more shorts, and more. For new YouTubers who have just started their channel, there are three ways to achieve this. The first is to do video verification, which is what I did. The second option is to upload your government ID. Alternatively, you can just leave it as it is and continue posting content for two months as long as it doesn't violate any guidelines.

For the video verification process, I simply posted my video and followed the usual steps, similar to other apps that require verification. I took a video selfie using my iPhone 14 Pro, which has a good selfie camera and lighting. Due to these factors, it took around eight to nine hours for the verification to be completed for one of my channels. It's important to note that the verification process is not instant. YouTube states that it can take up to 24 hours, but in my case, it was completed within eight hours.

It's worth mentioning that video verification is a necessary step to unlock the advanced features on YouTube. By going through this process, new YouTubers can expand their capabilities and take advantage of the additional tools and options provided by the platform. Whether it's uploading more videos, creating engaging posts, or exploring the trending shorts feature, video verification opens up new avenues for content creators.

In conclusion, the time it takes for video verification on YouTube varies, but in my case, it took around eight hours. This process can be completed by either doing video verification, uploading your government ID, or continuing to post content for two months without violating any guidelines. While it's important to keep in mind that the verification process is not instant, taking advantage of the advanced features on YouTube is well worth the wait.

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