Aetna Health app - how to install on iPhone?

The Aetna Health app is a convenient tool for managing your health care on your iPhone. This article will guide you through the process of installing the app and provide an overview of its features.

To install the Aetna Health app on your iPhone, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the App Store on your iPhone.
  2. Search for "Aetna Health" in the search bar.
  3. Tap on the Aetna Health app in the search results.
  4. Tap the "Get" button.
  5. Authenticate your download with your Apple ID password or Face ID/Touch ID if prompted.
  6. Wait for the app to download and install on your device.
  7. Once installed, tap on the app icon to launch it.

Now that you have installed the app, let's explore its features:

  1. Manage your health care in one place: The Aetna Health app provides an easy-to-use platform where you can take charge of your health and access your benefits conveniently.
  2. 24/7 access: The app allows you to stay on top of your health at any time, ensuring that essential information is readily available whenever you need it.
  3. Benefit management: With just a few taps, you can access your ID card and save it to Apple Wallet. You can also track your spending and progress towards meeting your deductible, check your health savings account, health reimbursement account, and flexible spending. Additionally, you can view your plan summary and get coverage information.
  4. Claims and explanation of benefits: The Aetna Health app enables you to easily seek claims and access explanation of benefits, helping you stay informed about the status of your health care claims.

Setting up an account on the Aetna Health app is straightforward:

  1. Open the app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on the "Create Account" button.
  3. Enter your first name, last name, date of birth, email address, and zip code.
  4. Choose how you want to create your account: either using your member ID or social security number.
  5. Follow the prompts to complete the account creation process.

If you need help finding your member ID, it can be located on your card. Once your account is set up, you can log in and start utilizing the app to manage your health care efficiently.

The Aetna Health app offers a user-friendly interface and a range of features that make managing your health care easier and more accessible. Install the app on your iPhone today and take control of your health in one convenient place.

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