AI Chatbot App with Chat - how to use?

AI Chatbot App with Chat - how to use?

Here's an app called AI Chatbot App with Chat powered by ChatGPT API. This app is one of the alternatives for the official ChatGPT app for Microsoft Compiler. It's worth checking out because sometimes they offer nice deals during the launch and provide unique themes and customizations not available on the official app. It's interesting to explore these alternatives, even though they are based on the ChatGPT API.

When you allow the app, you can access various features. The yearly access price is just $50, which is a great deal compared to the official ChatGPT app's monthly cost of $20. They also offer a free trial, but it's only available for a limited time.

The app provides a free version where you can engage in chat conversations. It offers prompt suggestions, AI-generated QR codes, and an image generator. You can easily create and share images without the need to upgrade themes.

One impressive feature of the app is the access to DALI 3 without requiring an upgrade. In the official ChatGPT app, DALI is only available after upgrading. Additionally, the app offers a setting section where you can add the AI keyboard. This is a cool feature that enhances typing experience. Adding the AI keyboard is simple. Just go to the keyboard settings, select AI keyboard, and start using it.

The AI keyboard provides powerful functionalities such as spell check, paraphrasing, classifying text into verses, and adding emojis. It's a great tool for enhancing your writing. The app also offers additional settings for PDF-related features, language preferences, haptic feedback, and keyboard setup.

While it seems similar to Chat On, it's unclear whether this app is a separate entity or a version of Chat On. Regardless, it's a cool feature that's worth trying out.

In summary, the AI Chatbot App with Chat is a powerful app that provides various functionalities and access to the ChatGPT API. With a yearly access fee of $50, it offers an affordable alternative to the official ChatGPT app. The app's features like prompt suggestions, AI-generated QR codes, image generator, and the AI keyboard make it a versatile and useful tool. Give it a try and explore its potential.

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