AI Chatbot - OPEN CHAT - app overview

so here's interesting app called AI chatbot open chat so let's just install it and yeah let's just try it out so yeah this is one of alternatives for open AI chat GPD it's it's of course it's powered by chat GPT model it's just I guess it's just using open AI API but open AI at this point for some reason doesn't have neither Android neither iOS apps so you can only see it in browser and some people really hate it it's like sometimes app experience is just much more better and much more smoother instead of using Chrome or Safari and all of that so yeah sometimes it's just easier to use the app and yeah let's just try out this app you can see here that yeah you can talk the different options there is Lifetime uh you can pay once no recurring by a month 79.99 or you can pay monthly or you can pay weekly so you continue with limited version if you want uh there are ads of course in The Limited versions so yeah here you can see all of these AI assistance uh then of course you can see some offers so email writer I wanted to write an email that informs supplies that we need to delay their payments write an email to the finance department right called sales sales email to sell so something like that and let's just see how it works and then yeah then you can just see uh something like that it's pretty cool right and then uh you can just see this sequence and then you can ask new question you only have like three questions uh for free I guess in this app then you have like these different chats uh chat characters you can select those but you will need to watch an ad and then you have settings uh you can manage subscriptions if you want uh you you need you'll need to cancel it from the settings app but yeah that's basically an uh an idea of this app again it's not official open AI it's just um alternative version which of course is using open AI API but it's it's much more limited and maybe it has like an older model of as well but definitely give it a try

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