AI CHATBOT - Open Chat Writer - app overview & how to use?

AI CHATBOT - Open Chat Writer: App Overview & How to Use?

Are you looking for an AI-powered chatbot app? If so, you might want to try AI Chatbot OpenChat Writer. This app is already using the new GPT-4 to deliver advanced AI features, including conversation text completion and AI-powered search.

In this post, we'll provide an overview of the app and explain how it works.

Overview of AI Chatbot OpenChat Writer

OpenAI doesn't have any native mobile apps for chat GPT, meaning that there are dozens of third-party apps still using the chat GPT API. AI Chatbot OpenChat Writer is one of the most popular ones and already uses chat GPT-4. The app is in the top charts and offers a lifetime license for only $99 without any recurring payment. There are also weekly payment options starting from only $7, and monthly payment options are available for $99, which is cheaper than chat GPT Pro, which charges $20 monthly.

How to Use AI Chatbot OpenChat Writer

After installing the app, you can start chatting with your friends. The AI Assistance feature offers different prompts for various roles, such as an email writer, academic writer, comedian, interviewer, English translator, plagiarism checker, or advertiser. The app will start creating the story for you, and you can like, dislike, easily copy it, and share it with others. You can also ask additional questions or regenerate the story.

The free version of the app limits users to only two questions, but you can change the app icon, manage subscriptions and even write some poems. You can also chat using your voice by tapping the microphone icon.


AI Chatbot OpenChat Writer is an excellent app for anyone looking to chat with friends using AI-powered technology. It offers a lifetime license for a reasonable price and provides various prompts for different roles, making it easy for anyone to start chatting.

We hope you found this overview helpful. If you would like to try out this app, download it from the app store and start chatting today!

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