AI Fantasy app - Chat freely - how to use? Full overview

The AI Fantasy app, a chat-based platform that provides users with a unique role-playing experience, has recently resurfaced on the app store after being temporarily removed. This app, similar to other AI apps like Character AI or Talkie app, allows users to engage in conversations with AI bots. AI Fantasy is quickly gaining popularity and climbing the charts, offering an alternative for those seeking interactive conversations with AI personalities.

Operating on cutting-edge LLM technology, AI Fantasy offers users unprecedented interactions with iconic characters. Whether you've always wanted to chat with anime boyfriends or yandere classmates, this app enables you to converse in real-time with AI personalities that not only understand but also remember your past interactions. Join this vibrant community of creators and capture and share unforgettable moments.

Setting up your account on AI Fantasy is a breeze. You can even use an invite code to receive a hundred tokens upon registration. Simply share the provided link or copy and paste the code to enter in the referral section. This allows you to start using the app and exploring its features immediately.

Once you've logged in, you can navigate to the discover feed, where you can filter out bots by different categories. The app provides a wide range of fantasies to explore, ensuring there is something for everyone. From there, you can begin chatting with the AI bots and experience their responses. Similar to Talkie app, you can even regenerate the responses or explore suggestions by tapping the light bulb icon in the bottom left corner.

If you wish to clear a chat, simply tap on the network refresh option to restart the conversation completely. Additionally, you have the ability to change the chat wallpaper and enable dark mode or day mode, depending on your preferences.

AI Fantasy also allows you to search for different chats and displays leaderboards of the top-performing bots. Moreover, you have the option to create your own chat bot by entering your fantasy name, greetings, short and long descriptions, and your desired fantasy. Deleting chats is also made easy, as you can simply swipe and delete.

Tokens can be acquired by watching ads or inviting friends, which can then be used within the app. The account section provides options to customize your nickname, gender, and add tags to enhance your experience. If you ever wish to delete your account, you can do so by typing "delete" in the designated section and confirming your decision.

For added convenience, enabling dark mode in chats is available through a cool feature located at the bottom of the app. This can enhance your chatting experience for those who prefer a darker theme.

The AI Fantasy app is currently in a stage where it focuses on expanding its user base rather than monetizing. Therefore, it is recommended to try it out while it remains budget-friendly. In the future, the developers may introduce subscription plans and potentially raise prices. If you are searching for an alternative to apps like Character AI or Talkie, AI Fantasy offers a fast-growing AI chatbot experience worth exploring.

Experience the realm where reality and fantasy blur by giving AI Fantasy a try. With its intuitive interface, vast collection of AI personalities, and interactive features, this app has the potential to provide you with an engaging and immersive experience like never before.

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