AI fantasy app doesn’t work, buggy….

I recently came across a video transcript discussing an AI fantasy app that has been generating a lot of conversation. The app offers a unique experience as it allows users to engage in chat conversations with AI bots. However, it seems that this app has a fair share of issues, making it quite buggy.

According to the transcript, users have reported encountering various problems while using the app. For instance, there are instances where the app fails to load at all, leaving users unable to access its functionalities. Additionally, some users have complained about a lack of messages being sent through the app, essentially rendering it useless.

Furthermore, the app has been known to crash unexpectedly, causing frustration among its users. It is worth mentioning that the app also includes some advertisements, though they can be skipped. However, these ads can contribute to the overall instability of the app.

Another peculiar issue highlighted by the transcript is the presence of strange pop-ups that require users to verify their humanity. This can be an annoying interruption to the overall user experience. Moreover, some AI chat bots within the app have been known to abruptly stop responding after each message, which can be quite frustrating for users attempting to have meaningful conversations.

Despite these shortcomings, it appears that the app developers have been working on addressing these problems. The transcript mentions recent updates that aim to resolve many of these issues. Thus, it might be worth giving the app another chance, especially since it has gained popularity and secured a spot in the top charts.

It is important to note that, considering the app's current state, it is likely still a work in progress. The transcript suggests that the app may be developed by a single developer, potentially explaining the limited resources available for improvement. However, the positive aspect is that the app is showing signs of improvement over time.

In conclusion, the AI fantasy app, touted as a free and innovative platform for conversing with AI bots, has encountered numerous bugs and glitches. Despite this, recent updates indicate that the developers are actively working to resolve these issues. Therefore, if you find the concept intriguing, I encourage you to give it a try, keeping in mind that it may still have some rough edges.

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