AI keyboard - AI chatbot app with chat - how to use?

Hello everyone! Today I want to recommend a fantastic AI keyboard that I recently discovered. It's part of an app called AI Chatbot App is Chat, and it serves as one of the alternatives to ChatGPT. This app, similar to other alternatives, harnesses the power of the ChatGPT API and similar chatbot apps. However, what sets this particular app apart is its innovative AI keyboard.

With the AI keyboard feature, users can access this specialized keyboard directly from their iPhone keyboard. This convenience allows for quick and easy access to a range of advanced features. Personally, I find this AI keyboard incredibly powerful and valuable. No longer do you need to switch between apps or open the app itself. Instead, you can make use of these powerful AI customizations directly from your keyboard.

Adding the AI keyboard to your device is a breeze. You can even use it with popular apps such as Notes, Snapchat, Tinder, and many others. Simply add it like any other keyboard through your device settings. I gave it a try by adding it to my iPhone, and let me tell you, the experience was impressive.

Once you've added the AI keyboard, it seamlessly integrates with various apps. Let me demonstrate. Suppose I open Snapchat and want to chat with someone. Enabling the AI keyboard is as simple as tapping and holding the keyboard icon, and there it is! The AI keyboard is ready for me to use. I can quickly type a message and then tap on various options like "improve," "spell check," "paraphrase," "versify," and "emojify." The range of options truly enhances the writing experience.

It's worth noting that the original app, AI chatbot app is chat, allows you to use chat on AI keyboard as well. So, in essence, you have the option to use the chat on app or the AI chatbot app is chat to access these powerful features. However, here's the catch: accessing the AI keyboard feature requires a subscription. The cost is approximately $50 for a yearly subscription, offering access to this feature throughout the entire year. It's important to mention that this pricing is not on a monthly basis, making it a rather cost-effective choice compared to other alternatives like OpenAI, which typically charges $20 per month.

To sum it up, the AI chatbot app is chat, with its AI keyboard feature, provides a compelling and time-saving solution. By eliminating the need to switch between apps or manually copy and paste, this app ensures a seamless and efficient writing experience directly from your iPhone keyboard.

If you're interested in trying out this AI keyboard, have a look at the app called AI chatbot app is chat, and explore the offerings developed by the talented team behind it. With its ease of use and time-saving potential, you'll definitely appreciate the convenience of this AI-powered keyboard. Say goodbye to unnecessary steps and seamlessly unleash your creativity directly from your iPhone keyboard.

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