AI YEARBOOK app - GIO - is it cheaper than EPIK app?

Here's another AI yearbook app, this time it's called Jio. So this is not Epic app, this is one of the alternatives. And actually, it's cheaper than Epic. I'll use this card.

So you can just open up the app, you don't even need to create an account. What you need to do, just select photo, you can just go and select one of your selfies, whatever, and then you can just look out to Zoom. And then here in the bottom left, you just have this yearbook, and then you can just tap to generate. And it instantly asks you to upgrade, but then you can just try a one-time purchase here.

And then this is where it's actually cheaper. So this is where you can get like, you know, 20 images for $2. In Epic app, as I understand, you need to pay at least $4, and in reality, at least $6 for 50 images, because yeah, that app is quite overloaded and you need to pay more. And the quality in Epic isn't that great either.

So just give a try to this app as well. There are a bunch of alternatives for Epic, and in this app, you can not only just use that, there are also like Office, corporate filters, or other types of filters here, which you can try.

Hope that is helpful.

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