so here is B2B trade app it's in top charts and shopping category as you can see and there is a March x per event where you can find new products search new trending products and new innovation and this is um yeah this is the app where you can order as a as a business like in packs products from the much cheaper price from China or just on this Alibaba Marketplace so yeah it's not that like you want one pair of sneakers and you just go to this app nope it's if it's you have some Shopify store or your offline retailer whatever that's like the app where you can go here and buy like 100 pairs of sneakers or something like that for much cheaper price directly from manufacturers directly so from factories and all of that so yeah and sometimes I have these events like this Expo you want where you can find some new trending products so just super easy to create an account with your Google or Apple accounts and then you can just see top ranking products here so for example you can see the new arrivals you can see some future feature selections um there are all kinds of items this is kind of like uh like Amazon but it's not like b2c it's B2B so you can have some really amazing things for uh where cheap prices so you can get like these kind of sneakers for three dollars then you need of course you need to chat and you need to uh you know negotiate your price on the order so here you can see some of the trending items some shoes like this which you can order um yeah so here you can see products you can see top ranking most popular hot selling so for example you can just go here and then you can see some sneakers or you can see a most popular sneakers here uh so for example something like that and then minimum order two pairs so this is not the app or you know you can usually get one pair and then you can see some discounts and yeah you can get like if you're ordering more than 100 pairs you can get like each shoes for three dollars 12 cents which is like super cheap and then yeah you can just start order for example you can see how many variations and then you can just get like shoe size for example um but there is a shipping fee so you just need to estimate how if you like shipping them like how expensive that would be and then you just enter your address and then just ship to that address so it's pretty easy of course you can also in from some manufacturers you can just order one pair anything you just need to calculate shipping fee how it works for you and all of that so that's the idea and yeah then you can just add some items to your favorites and then you have to recreated an account you can then just see how here is my favorites then you can just remove them um yeah and all of that you can then just send inquiry to to manufacturer like I'm interested in the product can I get a sample um like all of the technical questions you can just ask those you can chat and then there is a separate link to a whole store where you can just see and then you just go into that store Page on Alibaba uh so yeah that's basically the idea and then you can just see some tips uh you can see some messenger you can see a message in a shopping cart and then yeah you can see your account here um so yeah that's basically the idea um yeah if you're not happy you can always delete your account from here you can change where you want to ship to you can change your currency or language you can clear app cache if you're using this app a lot um yeah just you can also submit your tax information there are some different gifts and uh offers where you can get all of that um so you're here you can also see some additional things but yeah that's basically the idea hope you like this app

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