ALL ZENLY ALTERNATIVES: whoo, BFF, Superlocal apps - overview

and there's only app is shutting down so what are apps like zenly at this moment at the moment right now there are like two apps competing in the US App Store so one of those is called BFF fine my friends phone other app is Wu location sharing apps so these apps are like right now in the kind of in the top charts uh competing with each other that I would say I tried both of them I will just do a quick overview for you in this video as I like minimalistic version of xanly apps just being developed right away because yes only is deleted and they're just adding features by features there are quite a lot of bugs but they are becoming better and better and then there was another app like social map app if you just scroll through the top charts here um let me just show you um so then the app is still in the in the App Store but it's uh it's been it doesn't work anymore um so yeah let me just um show you what so yeah super local is another one which you can try out um because yeah it's also growing in the charts uh but it's just recently entered so okay let's just start there is BFF app it kind of looks similar to zamly um yeah you just have your map you just can see the real-time locations of your friends um you can go to your profile this is your profile change profile picture add friends like that then you can just share your QR code you can change your username um yeah and that's basically the idea uh it's like it's very basic you can message your friends you can add your friends uh than zero settings in this app which is a cool feature you can import your zenly app data so you can just request your data from zombie and give upload to Google Drive and give a link to this BFF app and they will set up your friends and contacts from from Zen lab pretty cool change map Style change theme there are footprints available feature and then ghost mode is coming soon so it's not here yet and then you can just see the full list of features which are available and what is the development progress coming so that's one app then there is R1 which is called who I don't know maybe this one is Chinese or uh I don't like remember actually um so yeah here you just need in this app to change location to always then if you have new friends you can just accept them for example here uh and then yeah this is basically how it looks like you just have like your where you're located and then you have some friends well they're allocated uh you can see here like how many times they they watched you so it's a bit different idea like how many friends you have you can add friends here you can just search them by QR code or by username yeah like easily like that then um yeah you can see your Footprints like Footprints mode I guess then there is Ghost mode is already available in this app um so it's like one step ahead and then you can just select users for who you want to enable this ghost mode so you can enable precise location whereas I exactly see you in real time where you are if you get that so the next alternative app would be BFF find my friends and phone uh yeah this app is also like developing quite rapidly um and yeah you can just add your friends from your contacts and then you can just see their location on the map you can message other people here uh then um yeah there are all these settings here so there is your account if you want you can just delete your account easily uh there is a BFF ID you can change your ID or username once here in this app so you can do that um and yeah uh uh what else uh then there is theme you can also change different themes here classic shirt call uh all of that there are footprints um coming soon ghost mode so ghost mode is not yet available in this app um so yeah compared to who it doesn't have the ghost mode but it has a cool feature which is you can import all danly contacts account right right in this app so yeah you just need to send requests to get your data from xender app to their email now at download your app like exactly let's just call it apps uploaded to Google Drive and then just share it uh uh yeah share it with uh uh with the team of BFF app and I will just set up your friends and contacts here in in their app so that's like pretty handy in case you are like uh anxious about like what happens to all your friends with Stanley like what's like this app offers this pretty cool feature because here manually adding all these friends you have just depending on how many observes you had on them it can be pretty annoying process so you have that then you just have your account you can add France like this then you can just share your account your QR code there are a bunch of settings and then there's like a cool timeline of what is already here is is there an Android app IOS app is uh yeah is is there there is an Android app so it's pretty cool actually then coming soon which features are coming soon and the beach features are under development and then it's like there is also iOS widget coming so that's also pretty cool uh so yeah that's basically the idea of the app hope that that is helpful and like so these are like two alternative apps which you can right now try out other than that you see zenly is just going away uh and then there is of course there is like a snap map in in Snapchat app itself but uh yeah some people just really prefer either they don't like Snapchat or as I don't they just want to have like a separate app for this like social mapping and just finding out where their their friends are and so there is another app I didn't use it yet I didn't try to review it yet but it's also climbing into the sub charts um let me try to find you yeah so super Local app uh that's also interesting app which you can also check out so here you can just get started and sign up his email and yeah I didn't create an account here yet so yeah this is kind of some previews which you can see earner bars for keeping up his friends go places chicken collect super local points great a LifeLock to remember places you go Explore More to collect more badges so this app just has a bit different aspect compared to previous two apps uh social networks that lets you earn rewards when you go to places you check in submit your posts and earn your rewards so it's not exactly like zanley of BFF app so it just has a bit different angle uh but yeah the the just rapidly adding all of these luxembly features as well to try to climb into the top charts and there they are climbing as well so that's what I would recommend you to explore if you try to find some alternatives for zenly app of course probably the more app will just come out of it let's just explore maybe Snapchat will become really cool this is my opinion and all of that but so far that's what we have

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