ALS Transfer app - can't create an account

Are you having a hard time signing up for the ALS Transfer app? You are not alone. A recent video transcript shared by a tech enthusiast reveals that the app's sign-up process is not working as it should.

According to the video transcript, the user is not able to create an account in the ALS Transfer app. When they tried to enter their phone number, the confirmation code did not arrive, leaving them unsure of what the issue could be.

ALS Transfer is a new app that focuses on money transfer and has entered the top charts in the finance category. Although it boasts of being a convenient way to transfer money to friends and family, the app's sign-up issue is a cause for concern.

The app has only 18 ratings, and users are advised to be cautious when using it. Starting with small amounts can be a good idea before entrusting significant sums to the app.

While the ALS Transfer app's functionality may seem enticing, it is essential to be mindful of its newness and limited user reviews. Begin with caution and consider more well-known apps to transfer large amounts of money.

In conclusion, because of ALS Transfer's sign-up issue, it would be best to proceed with caution. The app is a new one in the market and has a limited number of reviews. Therefore, it's best to be careful when entrusting sizable sums of money to it.

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