Alterme app how to install on iPhone & create an account?

hey everyone so here is this app which is called alter me 3d avatar maker and chat so let's try to install it and see what it's about so just use your face id or touch id um yeah so this is pretty cool uh app i think there are a lot of apps like in this space already the most popular ones are like reality or zipato or replica like a lot of apps where you just have all these like avatars um and for example you just don't want to show your face but you still to want to participate in some kind of social app but you just don't want like to show it to some unknown people so yeah you definitely can try this app so yeah let's just create an account with apple id super simple i usually prefer apple id or google facebook and then you just need to enter your first year probably then you select your look okay save and finish and then you can always just style it you can explore group chats you can allow notifications and then if you want to find the chat you can just have it here so there you have it so that's that's how you create an account                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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