App Search Bar in Outlook is still not fixed on February 13th

On February 13th, users of Microsoft Outlook were disappointed to find that the app search bar above the message list was still posing problems. Despite the anticipation of a public update from Microsoft on that day, the issue remains unresolved. The official Microsoft page still indicates that a workaround is required, indicating that the awaited fix has yet to be released.

However, there are a couple of workarounds that users can try out in the meantime. One option is to set the reading pane to either the bottom or turn it off entirely. This can be done by navigating to the "View" tab and selecting either "Reading Pane" followed by "Bottom" or "Off". This should temporarily alleviate the frustration caused by the faulty app search bar.

Another workaround involves downgrading to the previous version of Outlook. While this option may be more technical in nature, Microsoft has provided instructions on how to execute it successfully. It's worth noting that Microsoft had initially promised a fix for the app search bar issue on February 13th, but it seems that the release has been delayed.

For those who are not comfortable with these workarounds, there remains the option of simply waiting a few more days. Perhaps Microsoft will release the much-anticipated fix in the near future, bringing relief to Outlook users who have been grappling with the app search bar issue.

Overall, it is disappointing that the app search bar problem in Outlook persists despite the expected update from Microsoft. However, the workarounds mentioned above provide temporary solutions until the fix is eventually released. Users can choose to implement one of the provided workarounds or exercise patience, hopeful that the resolution will be available soon.

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