App Search in Outlook will be fixed by Microsoft on February 13th! Confirmed

Microsoft has officially announced that the issue with App Search in Outlook will be resolved on February 13th. This confirmation comes directly from Microsoft, putting to rest any doubts regarding the nature of the problem. It is important to note that this issue is not related to individual laptops, Microsoft Office installations, or internet connectivity.

The Outlook team has acknowledged the bug and has already implemented a fix for it. The fix is set to be included in the February 13th public update. Microsoft has assured users that they will provide updates if there are any changes to this timeline. So, on February 13th, users can visit the official page to check if the issue has indeed been resolved.

For those who have been experiencing the App Search problem, this upcoming update is going to be crucial. If the issue is resolved, all that's needed is to update Outlook to the latest version to benefit from the fix. However, if the problem persists, Microsoft has provided a couple of workarounds that may be worth trying.

The first workaround involves adjusting the reading pane. Users can set it to the bottom or turn it off completely. This change may help alleviate the issue for some individuals. Alternatively, users have the option of downgrading to the previous version of Outlook. Microsoft has provided detailed instructions on how to execute these workarounds for those interested.

It's important to note that the workarounds are a bit more complicated to implement. Therefore, if you heavily rely on Outlook and find the issue to be extremely bothersome, it may be worth giving them a shot. On the other hand, if you only use Outlook occasionally and can tolerate the issue for a few more days, simply waiting for the upcoming update might be the easiest solution.

In conclusion, Microsoft has validated the App Search bug in Outlook and has taken the necessary steps to fix it. Users can anticipate the problem to be resolved in the February 13th public update. Stay tuned for further updates from Microsoft and be sure to update Outlook accordingly. If the issue persists, there are workarounds available for users to try.

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