App Store asks password all the time when installing apps

I recently came across an interesting bug in the App Store on iOS, specifically on my iPhone 14 Pro. It seems that after signing out of my Apple ID and signing back in, the App Store consistently asked for my password instead of utilizing Face ID when installing new apps. Needless to say, this became quite frustrating.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this issue. By accessing your iPhone's settings and searching for "Face ID," you can ensure that you have entered your passcode and enabled the option to use Face ID for installing new apps. Following these steps should resolve the problem for most users.

However, if you still find yourself prompted for your password every time you attempt to install a new app, there is an additional step you can try. Log out of your Apple ID on your device and then log back in. This action seemed to resolve the issue for me, even after attempting a phone restart that failed to do so.

Once I had followed these steps, the App Store started functioning as expected. I am now able to utilize Face ID once again when installing new apps, making the process quicker and more convenient. Gone are the days of repeatedly entering my password.

In conclusion, if you encounter the App Store constantly asking for your password instead of utilizing Face ID when installing new apps, fear not. By verifying your Face ID settings in the device settings menu and, if necessary, logging out and logging back into your Apple ID, you should be able to resolve this issue successfully. Enjoy a smoother and more streamlined experience on your iPhone!

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