Apple Beta Software Program - how to install beta versions of iOS before others?

hey did you know that you can officially install the beta version of iOS on your iPhone so this is like official release from Apple everything is legit here you can just go to Apple website and just search for Apple beta software program and then um you can just you know participate as a tester and then yeah you can just sign up here so for example on iPhone you can go to iOS 16 um and you can see what should be where usually for example if it's iOS 16 you can participate in iOS 16.4 or 16.5 I don't 16 points or whatever and then if you're installing that two things like first of course it's a bit risky for you so your your phone can actually start be a bit buggy or laggy it just depends on the software because it's not completely dusted so yeah it's just can become by but on the upside you can get some features faster than uh someone so for example there are some new emojis in iOS 16.4 so you can just you know become a better tester here and then you will have new emojis faster than your friends and then you can just send them in messenger so I just read it out here and some article from my hacker um so yeah just participate in this Apple's better program on your phone sign into your Apple ID scroll down to get started tap on Android iOS device here scroll down tap download profile once downloaded open settings tap their profile and then just you will be able to update to the next um to the next iOS in this case it's a 16.4 but I guess you can just do it for other releases

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