Apple Music Classical app - what is it and how to pre-order?

so here is Apple music classical app and it will be a separate Apple music app specifically for classical music available to Apple music subscribers at no additional cost instantly find any recording in the world's largest classical music catalog research built for the genre enjoy the highest audio quality available and here classical Fiverr is like an hour before in special audio always zero ads um yeah you can also just get acquainted with the music so yeah this is just like a new uh release from Apple it requires though an apple music subscription individual student family Oracle one not available yeah and available for all iPhone models running in iOS 15 4 or later so yeah at the moment it's only available for pre-order meaning it's already in the App Store you can just tap get but then you just need kind of download the app but then it will just be notified when when it's expected and when the app comes here so that's basically an idea is interesting Push by Apple just to have specific classical app and also people just really enjoy you know listening to classical music and it's completely new Niche it's kind of like a huge niche of customers who just enjoy that kind of music and they don't want to be distracted you know like listening to some bit horn and then just distracted by some pop music or r b or stuff like that and then again popping up so usually classical music requires you know some focused listening or stuff like that and you just don't want to get distracted by your other playlists maybe that's by the good idea behind it um yeah so that's how you can pre-order it hope it's helpful

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