Apple Store app - FULL OVERVIEW. Should you keep or delete it?

so here is Apple Apple Store app so it's like the default app which you can get on your iPhone like when you get a new iPhone usually it will be included on your home screen so like is it this app actually useful should you keep it or should you delete it so I'm just going through some features I actually didn't use it before but like here's for example you can just use it somehow for Apple trading so just be reminded if you have older phone you can not just you know you don't know what to do with it you can't sell it on eBay or something you can always just go and trade in with apple however the trading will be pretty low and you will still need to have like a pretty recent iPhone so you can't trade in like iPhone 7 like you know so if you have iPhone 14 you need to trade in like iPhone 11 so and then you can get a couple hundred bucks in credit so at least that then Apple card installments but this is just like the regular things uh yeah this is just like you know Apple Store app if you really like to shop often from Apple that's an app maybe you can have then you can just have some new updates uh some like new Mac for example new hump pump out uh so yeah uh that's uh and then you can just see that uh so just to see some updates um then you can see like for example you have all your devices here and then you can see all right so what can you shop for my phone or for something like that and then you can see oh there is some like laser wallet which you can attach or something like that so that can be helpful so and then you have all these categories like so which accessories I might need for my phone for exactly the device I have and then you can see uh like yeah some air mass air tags so yeah so that's basically that what you can have here um headphones health and fitness magsafe photography so for example and then that's also actually quite useful so what you can have here so yeah that's that then you have something like sessions which you can just see like if you live near some Apple store then you can see what's happening um it's which Apple Store and it's like some presentations some Keynotes all of that then for you you can just see some updates like your devices your do you have apple car plan do you have some subscriptions available some promotions then you can just search for some things and then you just have shopping bag so that's basically what you can expect from this app you are instantly logged in here with your Apple ID then you can see your reservations your orders your devices some Services sessions Recaps some settings Apple account balance self-checkout receipts so yeah if you're shopping at Apple that's basically an app probably you might need however if you're ordering a device to pick up at Apple Store like just your receipt a confirmation will be enough you know so you won't need uh you won't need like this app um so yeah that's basically an idea um so yeah I hope that can be helpful uh that's what it is and yeah thank you for watching

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