AR Drawing app - Paint & Sketch - how to use

Here's an overview of how to use the AR Drawing Paint & Sketch app. The app allows users to engage in a creative way of drawing using augmented reality (AR) technologies. Here's a breakdown of some key features:

  • Easy installation: Simply double click to install the app.
  • Sample paintings: Users can access free sample paintings to kickstart their creativity.
  • Sketch improvement: Enhance sketches with various options available within the app.
  • Gallery image drawing: Users can draw sketches based on images from their gallery.
  • Pencil photo conversion: Convert sketches to pencil photos.
  • Compatibility: The app leverages AR technology and works seamlessly with newer iPhone models.

Additionally, here are some insights into app pricing and subscription options:

  • Paid version: The paid version of the app is priced at $30 weekly or $6 per week.
  • Camera access: Users can easily access their camera within the app to draw from real-life scenes.
  • In-app upgrades: Some features may require upgrading, although basic functionality is accessible without additional purchases.
  • Image editing: Users can apply various filters for customization, including adjusting edge levels, noise, and opacity.

Lastly, as an alternative to the AR Drawing Paint & Sketch app, there is another popular app called DaVinci I. This app offers different functionalities and pricing structures, with the basic version priced at nearly $30 for unlimited drawing photos, templates, and an ad-free experience. Give these apps a try to explore unlimited drawing possibilities and creative expression.

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