Are there any rewards in Widgetable app, where you can get free diamonds?

Are there any rewards in Widgetable app, where you can get free diamonds?

In a recent video transcript, a user raised a question about the availability of rewards in the Widgetable app. The user wondered if there were any opportunities to obtain free diamonds, a crucial currency within the app. Currently, the only option mentioned is to purchase diamonds from the in-app store, but it can be quite costly, with 2000 diamonds priced at $100.

The user expressed concerns that even with a substantial number of diamonds, their value diminishes quickly due to the app's expensive nature. This is especially true since a significant portion of the diamonds must be used to buy food for virtual pets. Unfortunately, the transcript revealed that the Widgetable app lacks any kind of rewards or an invitation system that could provide users with additional diamonds for inviting friends. While the option of adding friends is available, it appears to be limited to simply enjoying widgets together, without any diamond rewards.

Furthermore, the app does not have a referral system in place, denying users the opportunity to earn diamonds by bringing in new users. This absence of incentives is quite disappointing for users who are invested in the app and spend a considerable amount on diamonds.

However, there is a potential solution for avid Widgetable app users seeking to acquire more diamonds. Subscribing to the Lifetime package may prove beneficial, as it is said to offer quick-access pet gift boxes or pack eggs, which can contain additional diamonds. However, it is worth noting that the availability of diamonds through this package is uncertain and requires further confirmation.

Nevertheless, it is disheartening to learn that even with the pro package, which is presumed to offer more benefits, there is no indication that users can obtain additional diamonds. This inconsistency in the provided features is a cause for concern.

Hopefully, the developers of the Widgetable app will take note of these concerns and work towards improving the rewards system in future updates. As it stands, the app is becoming increasingly expensive for users, and the lack of diamond incentives is a notable drawback. Users who enjoy the app and want to continue their diamond spending spree may find it worthwhile to subscribe to the Lifetime package, at least for the potential to receive free packages. However, it is clear that additional measures need to be implemented to make the app's economy more rewarding for users.

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