Are there bot questions in sendit Q&A Instagram app?

so doesn't it instagram app have uh generated questions i think they do and i just shared uh this on on my instagram story and instantly i got reply like i it wasn't even like few seconds so i think there is some kind of bot when you just share this on instagram stories you instantly get some reply because they want to increase engagement on their app or something like that and also in the techcrunch article there was a story that uh this app send it went into chord battle i think with ngl and in that court filings they disclosed that actually they do use some ai technology ai bots to generate fake questions so if you see some message it doesn't necessarily mean that one of your friends submitted it either on angel app or send it so just be very careful don't take it too personal it is what it is like uh yeah um so that's the idea um i think it is obviously signed and generated questions but in njl they introduced cool feature recently where they explicitly mark that this question was generated in the send it app it's uh yeah it was it's not like that i can't see which question is generated or not but i think some percentage of them are and also it's not possible to upgrade here to see uh yeah to see who might send new messages

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