Are there FAKE MESSAGES in frfr app?

The Foreal app is gaining popularity, but some users are concerned if there are fake messages in this app. This concern stems from the previous app, NGL, which had fake messages, particularly during its early stages. NGL acknowledged that they were sending AI bot messages, and users were deceived into upgrading. This becomes a risk for this app if it has fake messages as well.

So far, users have not reported any fake messages on the Foreal app. Unlike NGL, users cannot quickly and easily identify if a message is fake. In NGL, users would open the app, share a link on Instagram story, and instantly receive a message without even having time to post. This method of fake message delivery has raised concerns and led to misinformed upgrades.

The absence of fake bot messages in Foreal app, so far, has been tested by one tech journalist who shared five stories. No artificial bot messages were received in response to these stories, just real messages. This is excellent news for users, as it means that there is a lesser chance of individuals subscribing to fake messages, thinking they are real.

It is hoped that Foreal app will continue to maintain its reputation for not sending fake messages, as this undermines user experience. In-app subscription options mislead users considering messaging platforms are adopting AI technology, making it easy to produce fake messages.

The privacy policy or the terms of the Foreal app do not indicate whether or not there are fake messages that users are subscribed to. Consequently, users must be vigilant and report any fake messages that they suspect to the app's customer service to avoid being deceived into subscribing to bot messages.

In conclusion, Foreal app users should feel relieved that there are likely no fake messages in the app at the time of writing this article. The developers of the app should continuously improve the system by coming up with measures to eliminate fake messages, including increasing the level of user verification, to maintain the authenticity of messages delivered on the platform.

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