Are there next grants in Worldcoin?

Will there be next grants in WorldCoin? The next grant widget disappeared from the World app after an update, leaving people curious about what's going on and whether there will be more grants, particularly for newcomers. The last grant was available until March 11th, and the community is now waiting to see if there will be a next grant on March 12th. The confirmation of the next grant availability will come on March 12th. Until then, uncertainty looms over the situation.

For those seeking insights and updates, joining the official subreddit can provide a clue about the ongoing developments. Keeping an eye on discussions and announcements there may offer more details and answers to questions. The community is encouraged to stay engaged and informed through this channel.

In summary, the current situation surrounding grants in WorldCoin remains uncertain, with the disappearance of the grant widget sparking curiosity. The upcoming days will shed more light on whether the grants will continue, especially for those who are new to the platform. Joining the official subreddit can serve as a way to stay connected and informed about any new developments or updates. Stay tuned for more information as the situation unfolds.

Key Points:

  • The grant widget disappeared from the World app after an update, prompting questions about future grants.
  • Uncertainty surrounds the availability of the next grant, with the last one ending on March 11th.
  • Confirmation of the next grant's availability is expected on March 12th.
  • Stay informed by joining the official subreddit for updates and community discussions.
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