Are Worldcoin grants getting smaller?

It appears that Worldcoin grants are indeed becoming smaller and smaller, as discussed in a recent video transcript. Initially, those fortunate enough to secure a Genesis Grant or other similar grants would receive approximately 25 Worldcoins, which equated to around $40 or $50 in value. However, subsequent grants have seen a significant decrease in allocation, with only 10 Worldcoins being granted, valued at around $16 to $20. The most recent grant has only offered 3 Worldcoins.

This progressive decline in the number of Worldcoins being granted raises questions about the reasons behind it. It's unclear whether this decrease is a result of the growing popularity of the associated apps, leading to increased demand and subsequent scarcity, or if it was planned from the start. Regardless of the cause, it is evident that the number of Worldcoins available for grants is steadily diminishing.

Furthermore, the frequency of these grants has also been affected. Previously, grants were awarded once every seven days. However, the latest information suggests that grants are now being issued only once every two weeks. This shift highlights a change in the grant distribution process, with users having to wait longer periods between opportunities to secure Worldcoins.

As a result of these adjustments, it is challenging to predict what future grants will entail. Given the dwindling number of Worldcoins granted and the altered timeframe between opportunities, it is uncertain how Worldcoin grants will evolve in the future.

In conclusion, Worldcoin grants have been decreasing in size, both in terms of the number of Worldcoins awarded and the frequency at which grants are offered. Whether this is due to the increasing popularity of the associated apps or a deliberate plan remains unclear. As users eagerly await the next grant in two weeks, there is anticipation surrounding what adjustments may be made in the future.

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