Artifact News app - is it legit? Quick overview

hello everyone so here is interesting trending app called artifact news and I'm just was playing with it I just want to show you what this app is about so it kind of looks like a Google News app or Apple news or any other sites like a news aggregator app but the hyperam it is because it's being developed by two former Instagram co-founders so the trick is that this app in future should kind of feel like Tick Tock for news so you should be just stuck to endless scrolling of the different news websites and then yeah you just find the topic you like and then you can just go redirected to the to the website so that's basically what's that the idea of it and like the thing is like it should have some Advanced AI technology and the more you read articles so for example I read like 10 articles during two week period the more uh artifact app is learning and feed improves each time you read read 25 articles for artifact to better personalize the feed track progress on your profile and then it's kind of using some AI model and then it should become better and better each time of course probably Google news or like Apple news app native apps on your phone just doing the same but maybe this app just has more advanced model I don't probably it's not like open AI maybe it is but you can imagine like if you have this like really a bit more advanced AI algorithm there then yeah in theory it can really serve you content you exactly like and you exactly want to read and that that can become pretty powerful so that's I think the idea of this app and yeah if it takes off probably it will be just expanded to images to video and all of that but anyways like it's getting a lot of attention because probably this like two Instagram co-founders probably of course they have some kind of like product intuition and they definitely see some cool opportunity here so just cool app to try out I personally just open it up I don't get so attached to news like you know I sometimes use telegram to to check out the latest news uh but yeah I'm never used to like a lot of this Google News app or something like that just specifically if I'm interested in some topics like for example for my YouTube channel just want to check out what are the latest app news are there some new interesting apps so I just gonna use it like this for a while just to check out um for example yeah Spotify is testing a new friend step on mobile um so yeah just gonna read through that and I read more and more of these articles and then probably I will just be recommended publication and articles to specifically match what I want to read and then yeah probably like in few weeks or some months I'll just make a another follow-up video is this app Really Gonna deliver that the content is really really matches what I want to read so I just sometimes you can feel on Tick Tock that this video you are watching right now is like exactly what were you thinking sometimes there's algorithm on Tick Tock is so it's so good that like ah this is the video I was just thinking like two minutes ago or like you know uh so it's it's not all the time like that on Tick Tock obviously but it seems they really figure it out for like teenagers so yeah super excited to see how this app can develop like that also you have headlines type is a recent top news you can invite friends by the way feel free to use my invitation link if you want to join artifact because it seems it's on the white list um then you can also bookmark here you can add to read later there is like reading history there are publisher subscriptions New York Times authentic you can add those if you already subscribed and then yeah here you have all the additional settings if you want you can just delete your account easily uh or you can just sign out so there you have it

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