so what is artifact news app at the moment you can't access artifact news app actually you can only sign up for the white list um so yeah uh this app is is making some waves in the new cycle as it's it's founded by Kevin Systrom and my trigger who are Instagram co-founders uh they left Facebook back in 2018 they tried to start some new companies and now this is one of their biggest projects biggest lightest projects actually so their first product is artifact a personalized news feed that uses machine learning to understand your interests and will soon let you discuss those articles with friends so the app uses algorithmic predictions with scan systems this is the future of social so it's very interesting big but uh and uh yeah it's you can sign up for the for the app on their on their website so you can just go to and then you can just sign up for the white list you need to enter your phone number it's not possible to sign up is email or anything so just enter your phone number and then you will just join the white list so that's basically the idea uh I don't know how long does this white list take so I signed up like a day or something she's still no reply so maybe it can take weeks or months it just depends my bit so it will be priority to ask users or specific users have no idea about that but yeah uh a lot of hype around this app uh because people are excited about these Founders and it will be available also on Android and iOS not sure that there is a there will be like a test flight version or something like that where you can try it out before others so yeah probably you just need to wait for invite uh so at this this what's it's describing here in the world article by Casey Newton it's just it's kind of like Tick Tock for text uh you might also call it Google Reader report as a mobile Apple might be even a surprise attack on Twitter the app opens to a feed of popular articles chosen from my created list of publishers tap on articles that interest you an articles are use similar posts and stories in the future just as watching videos on tick tocks for your page students it's algorithm over time uh uh so yeah users who come in from the white list today we'll see only that Central ranked feed but artifact battery users are currently testing two more features the system expects to become core pillars of that one is the feed shown articles possible users that you have chosen to follow along with their commentary the second is the direct message inbox so you can discuss the post you read privately With Friends um artifact can feel like a straw bag but uh yeah this app it seems to be focusing firmly on text um yeah it's you kind of can say yeah there is so many like tax apps and like Twitter it feels more like 2010 or 2000s but um maybe with artificial learning and machine learning there will be more insight into this um and and then he writes throughout the years what I saw was the time we use machine learning to improve the consumer experience since got really good really quickly um so yeah and then they're just describing uh describing why they decided to started it so yeah let's just uh let's just explore this let's just see how it goes and all of that I currently I don't have an invite as soon as I will have an invite I will just try to do like a proper overview overview how this app looks like and how it feels and all of that

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