Astra Life Advice app - how to use? Full overview

Hey there, so here is Astra Life Advice app. Life might seem simple, all of your questions answered, compatibility reports, personalized advice, work through life challenges, talk about compatibility with friends and romantic interests, discuss personal growth, learn about your dreams, all of this and more at your fingertips with Astra. So yep, then you can just open it up and here you have that.

So Ask Me Anything, Daily Horoscope, Romantic Compatibility, Conflict Advice, Friend Compatibility. However, they only have like a three-day free trial and then you need to pay some monthly amount. So I just upgraded for you to see how it looks like.

So for example, when you create an account here, it looks in the form of ChatGPT. You need to give your birth date, the place where you were born, and the time when you were born. Here's the Daily Horoscope.

Then you can see like and then you can just check your romantic compatibility. Then you can see some conflict advice and then you can see this. So you can just ask some questions. But this is pretty cool like, you know, ChatGPT slash astrology app where you just see all of things like that.

And as you can see, I kind of using it in a free trial. Then you can just use like personal growth. You can just.

So you have here this, you just have that and yep, so that's the idea. And then you have like three dots you can upgrade to pro. You can delete your account, you can contact support, and then you can also you can also add a new person here like just to, you know, see how it communicates. But it's a pretty cool app. I like it. Of course, you like this ChatGPT element where, yeah, it's just that's just what you have here.

Benefits of Using Astra Life Advice App:

  • Get answers to all your life questions
  • Receive personalized advice on various aspects of your life
  • Explore compatibility reports with friends and romantic interests
  • Work through life challenges with guidance
  • Learn about your dreams and personal growth opportunities

So something like that's pretty cool.

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