Atmosfy app - discover new places - full overview

Hey there, so here's this new interesting app called Atmosfy, discovering new places. Pretty cool idea. So this is basically like TikTok, but just for discovering new places to visit in your city like nightlife, dining, hotels, and more through video.

You can browse 10-second engaging videos from local experts and passionate visitors and just navigate through the best experience in your city. But not just by reading stupid text descriptions, but just by watching videos like on TikTok. So here you can just see some examples. You're just swiping like a TikTok, but then you see, okay, this is Burger Box. This is whatever, some other place. And then you can see exactly the video and the video of the food. You can get directions, you can view the place.

Yep, so kind of quite cool, which you can discover and then you can just go to your profile. You can create your account, create your profile, see how many followers you get. You can add friends and then, yeah, you can see on the map what is around you. You can see what's in the spotlight.

So you know, some people might ask, hey, this is the same as Yelp did like 20 years ago, but actually this enhances this video. So yeah, it's pretty cool. So yeah, definitely give a try to this app if you're traveling, if you want to discover some new cool spots around you. So try it out.

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