ATOMS app - from Atomic Habits book - how to use? Overview

Hey everyone, so here's Atom's app. This is the app based on insights from the worldwide number one best-selling book Atomic Habits by James Clear.

So finally there is an app. It's a viral book, number one bestseller, but now it has also an app. An app available on iOS, iPhone app store. It's not yet on Google Play Store, but on iPhone it's already in top charts. And yeah, this is just like cool app for, you know, building good habits and breaking bad ones. So you can just go to your app store and then you can see it here. Atom's from Atomic Habits, the official Atomic Habits app.

Atoms is a definitive habit app inspired by the groundbreaking principles of Atomic Habits, the best-selling book by James Clear. Atoms is not only a habit tracker, but also a personal guide filled with bite-sized lessons and insightful strategies to help you make positive changes a small step at a time.

Here's an overview of how to use the Atom's app:

  1. Press and hold to get started on the app.
  2. Proceed with or without an account to set up your habit.
  3. Define your habit by getting specific and grounding it in your identity.
  4. Set reminders, create the habit, and allow notifications as needed.
  5. The app offers a 28-day trial of the Pro version with additional features.

On the free plan, you can only track one habit and don't have access to certain premium content. However, upgrading to the Pro plan for $17 monthly allows you to track up to three habits and access exclusive content and daily lessons.

The app also provides features such as mindset tracking, progress monitoring, streaks, Hall of Fame for successful habits, and a habit reminder for accountability. Users can invite others, view suggestions, manage their account, and get insights on forming and breaking habits effectively.

Overall, Atom's app seems well-designed and offers a structured approach to habit formation inspired by the principles outlined in Atomic Habits. For those looking to establish positive routines and make lasting changes, Atom's app could be a valuable tool.

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